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Wholesale Voice Services NZ | Business Landlines | 2degrees
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Our range of highly resilient and competitive wholesale voice services include Carrier Interconnect, Carrier Voice connect and Inbound services.

Wholesale Voice


Get your customers talking with Wholesale Voice products delivered over our high-performing network.


Voice Solutions


Our range of highly resilient and competitive Wholesale Voice services include:



Carrier interconnect

The choice for carriers wishing to perform a bi-lateral interconnect with the Voice Network using our preferred SIP Standard.


Carrier Voice Connect (CVC)

Whether you’re looking for local call termination or global hand-offs, we have the reach to support you. We interconnect through all Australian and New Zealand carriers, along with dozens of international interconnection partners. With competitive rates and best-in-class call quality, CVC is available via SIP using access products for connectivity.

Inbound Service

Gain access to our high-performing broadband network, including our extensive regional CDNs, transit and peering.

Number Allocation

We can provide individual or number ranges from most local areas across New Zealand. Calls to these numbers are delivered to your existing point of interconnect, whether it's local to the zone of origin or backhauled to your point of interconnect in remote zones


Number Portability

Easily migrate your clients' numbers from your competitors' infrastructure to your own. Calls to ported numbers are delivered to your existing point of interconnect. In addition to geographic DDI numbers, we can port in toll-free and local rate numbers.

SIP Trunks

With more than 1 billion minutes of voice calls handled across our network last year, we have the capability and scale to deliver high-quality connections for resale, coupled with value-added services including number ranges, porting, and inbound numbers.


International Customers

If you don't have a New Zealand point of presence, we can connect to you using public IP and can provide all voice services, plus specialised call termination for international customers.

Why choose us?


  • More than 300 million calls and 1 billion minutes handled last year

  • Access diversity via IP over our fibre network to your switch