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Wholesale Broadband NZ | UFB & DSL Broadband | 2degrees
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We offer broadband connectivity and service automation solutions to provide our customers with nationwide UFB and DSL broadband services.

Wholesale Broadband


2degrees offers broadband connectivity and service automation solutions to provide your customers with nationwide UFB and DSL broadband services. 

We'll work with you to develop the solution that works best for your customers. Plus, we'll provide your team with support for technical and provisioning challenges. 

End-to-end broadband solutions

Deliver exactly what your customer needs, when they need it with a reliable, high-speed business-grade connection to the internet. 

We've built the network, so you don't have to. 



Broadband Connect (Layer 2)

Broadband Connect is a Layer 2 delivery of UFB and DSL access services aggregated to an interconnect point convenient to you. Broadband Connect currently includes UFB Bitstream 2 and Bitstream 3 access options, along with ADSL and VDSL.

Virtual ISP (vISP) (Layer 3)

vISP is a Layer 3 Wholesale broadband service. 2degrees has created market competitive data and voice plans that suit the needs of today's discerning broadband users. 2degrees takes the responsibility of delivering the end-to-end network capability, service provisioning and support, so that it frees you to focus on your strengths in the areas of sales, marketing, front-line support and billing of your end customers. We can even provide your broadband CPE. 

Reach any New Zealand premises where UFB and DSL is available

Full access to UFB. No requirement to build to all 33 POIs.

Single or multiple points of interconnect

Flexible bandwidth options. Ability to aggregate nationally or regionally.

High-performance nationwide network

Gain access to our high-performing broadband network, including our extensive regional CDNs, transit and peering. 

Dedicated portal and APIs for an automated ordering process

Our 2degrees B2B portal (Flex) and APIs provide automated broadband ordering service qualification, and in-life support, reducing your manual operational overheads. 

Simple pricing approach

Simple pricing construct including unlimited data, that provides the wholesaler the flexibility to differentiate their product offerings to the market. 

Full range of access technologies

We offer a range of access technologies via our nationwide footprint on the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network across all Local Fibre Companies and Chorus' DSL network. Fixed wireless broadband coming soon.