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Business and Government Cloud Storage and Recovery Solutions | Vocus NZ Internet Networking Solutions
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DataHub delivers a cost-effective, New Zealand based data Storage-as-a-Service solution from which data can be retrieved back to the premises or cloud at any time.

DataHub. New Zealand hosted Storage-as-a-Service

Looking to have instantaneous access to your data, retire your tape back-up, simplify your archiving and DR plan? To meet these requirements, we have created DataHub, a low-cost, New Zealand based storage-as-a-service solution from which data can be retrieved to the premises or cloud at any time.

DataHub can be easily managed via our Flex customer portal. With its simple interface, your team members can view, provision and manage your storage accounts, access keys, and data buckets.


Why DataHub


Business data has value. To leverage that value, organisations need to have instantaneous access to their data sets 24/7 and ensure provably accurate copies of historical data are retained.

DataHub delivers a highly scalable, resilient long-term data repository. All data is stored on-shore in New Zealand datacentres meeting local data sovereignty and provenance obligations.

Capacity on-demand

There is no need to buy the entire capacity upfront. Pay for what you use and scale usage on-demand to meet changing requirements.


Data is protected and secure

An immutable backup option ensuring data is protected against overwrite, corruption, malware, and malicious or accidental data deletion limiting the impact of ransomware attacks.

Data is available immediately

Access analytics and large data datasets in seconds via a dedicated point-to-point connection or over the Internet.


Simple and low cost

Pay a simple monthly cost per Gigabyte with no other charges or penalties.

No jurisdictional risk

All data is stored in New Zealand datacentres and doesn’t leave the country.

No provenance risk

Equipment is manufactured in the United States with a full audit trail delivery.



DataHub vs Hyper scale cloud providers

  • No additional data extraction charges if you are on-net to 2degrees.  

  • You always have access to your critical data with an SLA of 99.9% availability.

  • No Trans-Tasman transfer fees since your data is located completely within New Zealand.

  • 2degrees DataHub support is free of charge for faults and basic moves, adds or changes.

DataHub features


  • Multiple connection options — data accessible via either a dedicated point-to-point connection with a customer’s DC/WAN or over the Internet using SSL or IPsec VPNs.
  • A unified, open source, software-defined storage platform that supports block, file and object storage.
  • Compatibility with both S3 and other leading backup and replication platforms; with cloud tier and object storage capabilities.
  • A high degree of data security; to protect from both accidental or malicious data manipulation or loss.
  • Optional immutable backup which means that your data is fixed and unchangeable for a specified period of time.
  • Layered security — defense in depth against malicious actors, including HTTPS encryption, DDoS protection, next generation firewall, resilient multi-site hosting, and erasure coding.