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Business and Government SD WAN Solutions | 2degrees Internet Networking Solutions
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2degrees SD-WAN gives NZ businesses the flexibiltiy to work from wherever the internet is with faster, more reliable and secure connectivity over the internet.




Your organisation's answer for its modern digital transformation challenges.
Next generation network technology designed to increase the performance of your public cloud applications with built in security, application control, single pane management and support for accessing your existing enterprise applications.




SD-WAN has been designed to provide superior end-to-end performance, optimal speeds, enhanced security and improved application control when delivered over the 2degrees Network.

Choose between a 2degrees-Managed or a Self-Managed solution, or a hybrid, to achieve the level of control, security and visibility your organisation requires.


End-to-End Management

Deploy, manage, and scale your network with ease through a centralised cloud-based interface, freeing up IT resources and simplify operations. 

Resilient Branch Networking

Flexible and redundant network connections like 4G failover keep your business running and staff connected to your critical network resources. 

Simplified Security

Available with comprehensive threat protection and intelligence to shield your network, ensuring staff can confidently securely access data from private and public networks.

Improved Application Performance

Prioritise traffic and bandwidth efficiently with centralised routing, helping staff access business-critical applications quickly and seamlessly.