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Vocus Internet Express | Vocus NZ
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Reliable enterprise-grade internet at maximum speed for medium and large offices with applications demanding high responsiveness.

Reliable enterprise-grade internet for maximum performance

Internet Express (IE) provides a fast, reliable and uncapped connection for medium and large sites with applications demanding high responsiveness. With up to 10Gbps upload and download speeds, you can run all your critical applications with minimal delay twenty-four hours.


Why Internet Express


IE is a scalable, dedicated service delivered via a high-performance fibre network (2degress On-net or UFB). All services are provisioned on UFB Bitstream 3/3A equivalent or above for high performance and SLA. IE provides high availability and offers security options with our DDoS Protection service to make sure your network stays up and running.

High-speed internet at a great price delivered across New Zealand via our carrier-grade fibre network.

Extensive coverage with a range of access options on UFB dark fibre, UFB Bitstream 4, 3A/3 equivalent access.

Customise features to meet your network requirements – additional IP address space, resilience, access types.

Access your content quickly through comprehensive peering with applications and cloud providers.

Improve performance and monitoring of Microsoft SaaS applications through optional Azure Peering Service functionality.

Meet business continuity requirements through diverse connections and enhanced DDoS protection options.